Farewell BBQ

We had a farewell BBQ for one of our students Yukiko! Thank you for studying with us and we wish you all the best in life. Best of luck for your future!

Surfing Lesson

It is getting to good weather for surfing.
Jamie who was a teacher took some of our students to learn surf.
It was great oppotunity for them!

Thank you Jamie for let them have good...

Review from Risa

I really enjoyed my life in AUS!
It was fun to be a student again at IWHP.
Our teacher, Adam is a happy and
energetic person. His lesson was fun and he made us laugh everyday. He taught me...

Review from Kanae

At first, I couldn't imagine what language school like. But, actually it was very friendly atmosphere, and then l felt relieved.

Adam made us laugh every time and
I enjoyed his class....

Review from Kana

I'm very happy to study here. My teacher makes our class so fan. I learned a lot of things from him. Especially how important laugh is for my life. I had many experiences that I'd never had...

Wagyu and beef tongue BBQ!

We had a BBQ with our students last Saturday. It was a little hot to be outside but we had a very enjoyable time and everybody was relaxed. Thanks for bringing the delicious Wagu and beef tongue,...

The lesson of this week


I.W.H.P this week.

Our students practiced how to book a hotel on the telephone using LINE phone.
They are divided into 2 groups, one group played the role of the hotel and the other group the...

Testimonials from Natasa

general english

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