Extra edition. 2 girls and 1 boy’s Road Trip -Day 12- Final Day!

Hi everyone!

Gold Coast is getting hotter and hotter.
And the shopping centre is also getting busy and ready for Christmas.

Anyway, we are going to share about our student’s road trip again.
Today’s story is Day 12!
This is last story of them.
Here we go!

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This is a road trip story which these 4 students decided to do from Gold Coast to Sydney and Melborne in Yoda’s little Mitsubishi Mirage.

[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”L1″ icon=”musashi.png” name=”Musashi”] Crazy Animal and Movie lover who eats a lot. [/speech_bubble]

[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”L1″ icon=”kojiro.png” name=”Kojirou”] Musashi’s buddy. Sometimes she shuts down and her mind goes somewhere.[/speech_bubble]

[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”L1″ icon=”samba.png” name=”Samba”] Used to be a nurse in Japan. Typical Japanese girl.[/speech_bubble]

[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”L1″ icon=”yoda.png” name=”Yoda”]A crazy guy who came to Australia with a small backpack with little clothings.[/speech_bubble]

[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”L1″ icon=”car.png” name=”Mitsubishi Mirage”]Most important item for this trip.[/speech_bubble]

<Day, 12>
[speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”L1″ icon=”musashi.png” name=”Musashi”] Final writer is Musashi. [/speech_bubble]

Finaly, it was time to say good bye.
It was a long jorney but the time flew past so fast.
I felt sad because the word “Good bye” came up in my mind.
When we got up, we realised Yoda was not in bed anymore.
I thought he had gone for a drive. But Yoda’s new wallet was on the desk.
I was recalling yesterday’s travel while I was putting on my make up.
Yoda came back to the room and said
“I wanted to have a tunasalad rice ball and went to the supermaket but I forgot my wallet and couldn’t buy it.”
That’s my friend, Yoda!
We forgot about this sad mode and went back to our normal selves!


Me and Kojiro’s flight was 17.00 at tonight and Yoda was going to stay in Melborne and start his new life.
We still had time until our flight and Yoda made a surprise plan for us!
That’s my friend, Yoda!
The place was called “Searoad Ferries”,
It is just a port but it was reviewed 4.5 stars.
We love an adventure so we started to head there.
We took a photo of our Mitsubishi Mirage.

Adam told us so many times that we were going to die. But the car never had a problem and it carried us all the way from Gold Coast. He said to us that it was old, doesn’t look good and we should change cars. But it is our preciouse car now! We were going to miss it!

It was raining and then sometimes sunny just like our emotions.
It was a small port but a very modern place. Because of the weather, the customers were only us and it was a paradise to us.

There was an observatory above a restaurant and it was free.

Kojiro looked like she was having fun. (She is always cool to us but not to Samba.)

When we had blue sky, the view was very beautiful!! Now I understood why it was 4.5 stars.
On the way to the airport, we had one more place to go.
It was called “Easten Beach Sanctuary”. This place also has 4.5 stars.
We wanted to take some photos of our car for last time.
There was free parking! We love free parking so much!
We didn’t have time but it looked like a good place to have a BBQ and relax.

Finally we were at the Airport.
We already have done our online check in so we went to the counter to leave our luggage.
It was a self checkin machine. We had to tag the stickers by ourselves and took them to the belt by ourselves.
Normally, the machine reads the barcode of the tag and the belt carries our luggages…..BUT it was not working!!! Our bags came back even we scanned all of our bags.
We realized the machine might be reading the barcode of the shopping bag….!!!!
So we hid the barcode of the shopping bag and tried again!!!!……but it didn’t work!!!
We were getting pissed off with the machine and called the Jetstar staff.
She told us we had to put the bag on one by one….it was not the BARCODE!!!!!

We had a lot of incidents until the last minutes.

We still had a time until our flight so we went to Macdonald and had a chat.
It was brilliant because people who don’t have a flight ticket could go to the gate.
It was raining and Yoda waved to us until he couldn’t see us.
Our new life had just started from this moment.

We arrived at Gold Coast after 2 hours.

We got on the bus and went to Samba’s share house.
Gold Coast is our start pointing and we were happy to see Samba!
And this was also our last night with Samba again!
We talked until midnight while listening to our driving music.
I’ll never forget this trip.
Next morning, we headed to Bunderburg for a farm job.
We promised Samba to see again.
This is the end of our journey and the start of our new life.

At last our journey has finished and I want to leave a message to everyone.
You may be reading this blog while you were wondering if you should go to Australia on a Working Holiday visa or not.
To be honest, I couldn’t make a decision before coming to Australia because I was worried too much. I was going to give up so many times. But I am glad I came here!
You can have a lot of experiences through Woring Holiday or studying abroad.
It was not only because many good things happened but I didn’t want to regret not doing anything!
Please take action! I think any purpuse is ok!
My purpuse was I wanted to change my shy character and giving up character. I have become very brave because I talked to a lot of people in English here.

To be honest, I went to Cebu to study English so I was not going to go to school to save my money. But I read a lot of blogs and it made me worry so much. As I told you, I am not brave so I decided to go to school to get some information. And I was not wrong, I could talk and listen people who have lived in Australia for a long time, went to farm and so on. It made me feel relieved and I could make a lot of best friends!

I would like to thank IWHP because we could have such a crazy journey.
When Adam the teacher heard we were going to do a road trip, he did a lesson related to the travel, and also he told us to check the car privately, buy a good sleeping bag and gave us a lot of advised about camping. That’s why we could finish our journey safely. (I was bitten by bugs and Turkey though) IWHP is a very tiny school but it was really good for me! Not only for our travels, if there was a student who was looking for a job, it was a homely atmosphere and everyone was llike one big family! I didn’t like the group lessons, but I could talk more English than studying English in Cebu for man to man.
I appriciate this a lot!!!

Thank you for reading such a long story because I wanted to say a lot here.
I hope your working holiday life will be wonderful and preciouse.


Awww..the last one was sad.
But thank you for giving us such a lovely comment!!
I was glad we could know their travel.
I’m sure they’ll never forget about this memory.
Their working holiday time is only half way!
All the best for you guys and see you someday again!!

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