Affordable price to study English

Cost of living in Australia is very high and that alone affects a lot of students finances.IWHP understand this and tries to offer all students the chance to study and learn English within their budget and for a longer period of time due to their study in Australia.

Leaning English Environment

Each class is small with an average of 6 students per class which gives students more personal time with the teacher.Students are taught in a fun and relaxed environment where discussion and teamwork is a priority.We encourage students to share their knowledge of English and Australia to newer students.

Teacher's Experience

IWHP's main teacher travelled the world extensively for over 10 years before ending up in Australia.He has adventured through Asia, Europe, Middle  East and Africa either working for someone and himself or as a volunteer.After arriving in Australia, he started working at English language school on the Gold Coast and has been teaching English in Australia for over 14 years.

English study for fun environment, small classes.

Out students are taught in a fun and relaxed environment where discussion and teamwork is a priority. We encourage students to share their knowledge of English and Australia to newer students.

Demipair IWHP

Demi Pair Program

Do you know about Demipair Program? You can live with an Australian family while providing 20 hours of work per week in exchange for accommodation and meals. This will involve taking care of their children and some domestic housework.

Childcare volunteer program

It will be a great opportunity to work as a volunteer staff member at a Kindergarten in another country! You can work as a volunteer for a few hours a week in the kindy

Why should I choose Gold Coast, Australia?

You will see a lot of International Students in Australia and also a lot of people from all over the world. That is why it is easy to live on the Coast and also you will find Australian people are very friendly. There are a lot of wild animals in the Gold Coast Hinterland. You can live comfortably on the Gold Coast and the climate is mostly sunny and warm. There are a lot of outdoor activities you can enjoy in Australia such as Surfing, diving as well as traveling around Australia by car or camper van!

Hear what our students say about us

Adam is a great teacher!! Sometimes like a friend, like a father, this class was very fun and we loved it. I wanted to do more studies English at I.W.H.P!!!!! I.W.H.P taught me the fun of English.Because of my teacher, my English skills  improved. (maybe)lol And not only studies, they gave parties for students,  pizza parties, sandwich parties, the rooftop pool parties and BBQ parties!! I had a lot of good times. It was a good experience and memory for me. I`ll never forget ev…
Thank you very much Adam,Hiroko and classmate!! I had fun everyday because Adam’s class was very exciting. Mr Adam is very HOT teacher so he can always for us kind teaching… Anyway,I didn’t like speak English when I was student,but I like speak English now.I’m awesome everyday forever!! A lot of love,Satoru
Erica Erica
Dear Teacher Adam and Hiroko I had a very valuable experience in IWHP. I could study not only English, but also the teaching methods of language. It will be very useful in teaching Japanese since I returned to Japan. I went to many place in other country. Australia, Gold Coast is one of the most favorite place of mine. It is thanks to Adam, Hiroko and everyone in the class. I am very grateful. Thank you All
Eeeeeeeaasy – the lifestyle,the work,the country Eeeeeeeaasier to start with help and a first planed step. But the Eeeeeeeeaasiest way to a real working holiday life und the best first step is with IWHP! That’s not just an English language school. You also can learn something about typical Australian lifestyle,train typical situations in your working-life and have a lot of fun with special actions like camping and bbq. You also have a feeling in class like a big family.if you have some c…
  GOLDEN WEEK! GOLD COAST! IWHP! This golden week, I stayed at Surfers Paradise for 8days. My Schedule (Monday to Friday) 7:00 Wake up 7:30 Start running to IWHP(40min) 8:10 MIAMI beach (Breakfast) 9:00 Lesson start (Break and lunch) 13:40 Lesson finish 14:00 Catch a bus to Surfersparadise 14:30 After school (Surfing in Surfers Paradise or Q1Spa) I entered IWHP! What a great school ! IWHP is high value and low cost(Only A$150!!).Adam and Hiroko have a great Hospi…
I really enjoyed our school. My teacher told me until I understand. He is kind and a transparent explanation. In the class was always laughing. And I had many lovely friends. I was looking forward to go to school every day!! Not only the class but also did farewell party, went to picnic! It was a mood that was returned to the children. It is difficult to study English but I become to study English♡ Thank you so much!!
It was a wonderful experience to spend three months as a Demi Pair.I was a kindergarden teacher in Japan so I love children and I was interested in the way to bringing up children in Australia. My tasks were half-housework and half-looking after children. My host kids are 5-year-girl and 3-year-boy so host parents wanted me supervising them. The housework was simple and my host mother gave me the weekly schedule what should I do so I’ve never felt burden.And looking after children was really fun…
Thank you for teaching English for me. What I learned from you wasn’t just “English”. Ther stories about different countries were very interesting and I really enjoyed this 4 weeks. I’m glad that I could meet you two. You are no t just a teacher and/or staff. I hope I can keep in touch with you. Thank you again!!
Thank you Adam and Hiroko, a lot of support. Adam is a very interesting teacher. Also you’re always thinking about the students. I was feeling. When I came to Australia, I couldn’t speak English. But, I’m happy to lean English. Thank you so much. I worried about Demi Pair, but you gave me a resolution together. Demi Pair program has became a very good experience for me. I love Adam and Hiroko. A lot of love, Ayano.
I really spend a good time and many things experienced in I.W.H.P. I wanna study more!! I really enjoyed in school. And I met a lot of good people. It’s an irreplaceable, precious friend to me. Thank you for Adam and Hiroko It was awesome for me!!

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