English Language School on the Gold Coast

Affordable price to study English

Cost of living in Australia is very high and that alone affects a lot of students finances.IWHP understand this and tries to offer all students the chance to study and learn English within their budget and for a longer period of time due to their study in Australia.

Leaning English Environment

Each class is small with an average of 6 students per class which gives students more personal time with the teacher.Students are taught in a fun and relaxed environment where discussion and teamwork is a priority.We encourage students to share their knowledge of English and Australia to newer students.

Teacher's Experience

IWHP's main teacher travelled the world extensively for over 10 years before ending up in Australia.He has adventured through Asia, Europe, Middle  East and Africa either working for someone and himself or as a volunteer.After arriving in Australia, he started working at English language school on the Gold Coast and has been teaching English in Australia for over 14 years.

English study for fun environment, small classes.

Out students are taught in a fun and relaxed environment where discussion and teamwork is a priority. We encourage students to share their knowledge of English and Australia to newer students.

Demipair IWHP

Demi Pair Program

Do you know about Demipair Program? You can live with an Australian family while providing 20 hours of work per week in exchange for accommodation and meals. This will involve taking care of their children and some domestic housework.

Childcare volunteer program

It will be a great opportunity to work as a volunteer staff member at a Kindergarten in another country! You can work as a volunteer for a few hours a week in the kindy

Why should I choose Gold Coast, Australia?

You will see a lot of International Students in Australia and also a lot of people from all over the world. That is why it is easy to live on the Coast and also you will find Australian people are very friendly. There are a lot of wild animals in the Gold Coast Hinterland. You can live comfortably on the Gold Coast and the climate is mostly sunny and warm. There are a lot of outdoor activities you can enjoy in Australia such as Surfing, diving as well as traveling around Australia by car or camper van!

Hear what our students say about us

I didn’t like English before. But I’ve became to like English since I started studing at I.W.H.P. Because I met a funny teachers and lovely classmates. I think I won’t forget that went studying at I.W.H.P forever. I was really happy to met Adam and Hiroko Thank u so much.
At first, I couldn’t imagine what language school like. But, actually it was very friendly atmosphere, and then l felt relieved. Adam made us laugh every time and I enjoyed his class. Besides, he has a lot of various experience, so he didn’t only teach English, but also important things to live on my life. Hiroko gave a sympathetic ear to my problem and gave appropriate advices when l was worried about looking after children as a Demi-pair and the way to contact with host family. The s…
I spent it happily every day at IWHP. Adam was able to always teach English clearly,kindly and funny!! I was really glad to be able to select IWHP and to meet yours and friends. Adam and Hiroko. Thank you for teaching me for 3 months and following me when I was in Australia.
Thanks you for Adam,Hiroko and my classmates. I really appreciate everything. I had IELTS classes. In Japan, I have studied for IELTS by myself, but the score was not enough for my goal. IELTS requires particular strategies. I was looking for a expert in teaching for IELTS. Adam is the best teacher I have ever met. The most impressive lesson was the practice for an essay. At first, I wrote my essay on a white board, and then, he corrected it. Not only giving correct, he always asked me a rea…
Thank you for everything , Adam and Hiroko san !!! I had a grate time at the school. I couldn’t start a my working holiday life without your helpful. Adam, you are GTA(grate teacher Adam)!! You always say like this by yourself, but it is true!! Your class is funny and teach in simple English ,so I can understand what you saying. Hiroko San, you are very kind and good listener!! Thank you for guided me !! And I’m so happy about had a second family in Australia. Demi pair was good opportunity …
Special thanks,Adam&Hiroko san!! Adam is a great teacher. He is very amusing. He told us a lot of funny stories. Thanks to him, my English improved!! I contine my study still at IWHP:) IWHP is cheap tuition and can learn good English!!
I had a great experience at iwhp! This is the first time that I come to other country. So I had expected and afraided about my new life but i have thought too much. There were such a nice people ! Teacher adam who is an amazing teacher taught us lots of interesting things. We are lucky that’s why we met you! Thank you so much Adam ,Hiroko and Keita!
Thank you for teaching English for me. What I learned from you wasn’t just “English”. Ther stories about different countries were very interesting and I really enjoyed this 4 weeks. I’m glad that I could meet you two. You are no t just a teacher and/or staff. I hope I can keep in touch with you. Thank you again!!
Thank you, Adam and Hiroko for supporting me a lot. I’m shy and not good at getting adjust brand new environments but ,I met funny Adam ,sweet kind Hiroko ,and class mates at the school. They helped me to go to the school enjoyabley. I cried by frustrations that when I couldn’t understand the English lesson. But Adam cheered me up with his joking that he wanted take a picture of my crying face. He always taught me English so paitiently . He was always thinking and taking care of us and I loved…
Kana from Japan
I’m very happy to study here. My teacher makes our class so fan. I learned a lot of things from him. Especially how important laugh is for my life. I had many experiences that I’d never had before in Japan. Everything was new for me. I spent AWESOME time here. Thanks