For Demi Pair Family

What is Demi Pairs?


The Demi Pairs are part-time Au Pair, normally on a 12 months Working Holiday Visa or Tourist Visa. They will study English at I.W.H.P from around 9:00am to 14:00 pm daily. They can live with a family and can provide 20 hours of work per week in exchange for their accommodation and meals.

What can Demi Pairs do for your family?

The Demi Pairs can work for up to 20 hours per week and provide the following help to the families:

  • Helping with children in the morning, after school and at dinner and bath times.
  • Assisting with cleaning and housework.
  • Cleaning and tidying children’s rooms.
  • Assisting with meal preparation and feeding young children.
  • Reading stories and playtime.
  • Baby-sitting during the week.

What should the family do for Demi Pair?

Family’s responsibility to train our Demi Pair to do the work and help

our Demi Pair understand the provided Working Schedule.
A Demi pair is not a professional nanny or housekeeper.
We have to keep the jobs to the ones outlined in the Family Profile Form. It is the family’s responsibility to provide our Demi Pair with adequate information about the family’s standards and expectations to help our Demi Pair settle in easily and quickly.

What should the family provide for a Demi Pair?

Easy! The family provide for

  • a private room
  • breakfast(eg: eggs, jam or peanut butter, yogurt, toast or cereal, milk, coffee or tea),
    lunch (e.g : left over from dinner, sandwiches plus a piece of fruit, salads, cold meats, etc) and dinner(eg: hot healthy meals, usually prepared by the family)
  • Access to the Internet 7 days per week.This is in exchange for 20 hours of help with housework and childcare as outlined in the Family Profile.

What is it like having a Demi Pair?

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