The difference between Demi pair and Au pair in Australia

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Today, I would like to talk about the difference between Demi pair and Au pair, its advantages and disadvantages!

Demi pair and Au pair are the same as taking care of children and housework, but there are a few things that you are different.

Let’s take a look at the differences!

About Au pair

Au pair is also called Mother’s Help or Live-in Nanny.

This is an exchange style for international students who would like to live overseas.
You can earn money by helping with the housework and taking care of the children whileliving with the family.

What the family provides, normally, is your own room (in the host family’s home) plus 3 meals a day, as well as a small pocket wage.

The pay depends on the workload of the family. You can earn from $ 180 to 300 per week. There are also families that will offer up to $ 400 per week.

The average help time is 30-40 hours per week with Saturdays and Sundays basically free.

However Au pairs require a high level of English.

Advantages of Au Pair

The biggest advantages for an Au pair is you can get money and you don’t have to worry about costs, such as meals and rent.

Because of the family environment, it is safer than a share house or backpacker, and there are more chances to communicate with the family and to improve your English.

Disadvantages of Au Pair

The disadvantage of Au Pair is that your time is not flexible.

Just like a standard job, you have to work 30 to 40 hours a week for the family 5 days a week, so your time is restricted.

If you’re going to do Au pair, you should really love children and your main purpose in another country should focus on Au pair.


If you want to work as an Au pair, you will work normally 6 hours a day. And you will be asked to stay from 6 months to 1 year.

If you’re coming to Australia on a working holiday, I think it’s better to try something different than focusing on an Au pair.

Next, let’s take a look at Demipair.

About Demipair


Demi Pair’s “Demi” means “half” in French.

Because it is half, a Demi Pair works less than an Au pair.

However, there is no money offered by the family.

Work is roughly 18 to 20 hours per week, and meals and housing are provided in the same way as an Au Pair.

The Advantages of Demi pair


The advantage of Demi pair work is that a lot of families are more flexible and will accept you even if you do not have a good level of English.

And since the amount of working hours is less than an Au Pair, it means that there is a lot more free time.

The minimum lengths of staying is usually 3 months, so you can enjoy working in other areas afterwards.

Even English beginners can start, so you can improve your English skills communicating with the family in an English environment.

The disadvantages of Demi pair

The disadvantage of Demi pair is you are not paid even so your savings last longer as you don’t have to pay rent or buy food.

Demi pair gives you the time to be able to go to a language school or join a club as you have the extra free time, but if you don’t spend your free time wisely, you may start getting bored so, I suggest that you find something you can enjoy doing, not just doing Demi pair.


What did you think?

Please think carefully about which one you think is right for you, Au Pair or Demi Pair.

We believe that Demi pair can improve your daily conversation as well as studying English at a language school.

If you are interested, check out our Demipair Program!

Things to keep in mind when choosing a language school on the Gold Coast!

Choosing the right language school can be a daunting effort.

You need to ask yourself, why do I want to study English?
Is it for work, travel or the enjoyment of leaning languages?
Affordability, how much do I want to spend on studying English?

Costs can blow out if you aren’t careful.

A majority of schools charge high fees plus an enrolment fee and fees for exercise books.

Add all of these together as well as your rent, food and travel coasts and you find that all of your hand earned money is dwindling rapidly.
When studying abroad, I think people want to save on costs, even if it’s a little.

I was one of these people when I went to a language school on a working holiday.
I was looking for a school at a good price, with a homely atmosphere and a small number of classes.

I wanted a school where I could approach the teacher or staff with any problems with my English studies or any difficulties I was having outside of school.

Right now I would like to offer some other points to think about when choosing a school.

Are the students and Teachers motivated?

The other day an old client of mine after enjoining and finishing at IWHP language school decided to come back to Australia on a student visa.

She chose a school and paid a lot of money. After some time she contacted me and said “Nobody comes to class, it’s so boring.”


She gave various reasons, such as a lot of student visa students never came, the teacher didn’t explain the subject well, they didn’t have exercise books and everything was done on a tablet(which you had to have as rent from school.)

If the teachers doesn’t teach well, or if the students don’t always attend class it is difficult to have a lively class or enthusiastic students.

What should I do?

1) Ask the school for a trial lesson as this will give you a chance to see how their education system works.
If they say no for a trial, then obviously you wouldn’t choose them.

2) Ask different students how they feel at the school and if it’s value for money.

3)If you are not shy, try to find out how long the teachers have been teaching at the school.
Some schools go through a lot of teachers over the year which affects your studies.

I found out about a school that has a different teacher for each lesson.


As I said before, costs matter people choose schools over it’s looks and size without thinking about whether they are going to, what they paid for.

They feel that because it is big and beautiful it must be a very good school.
Unfortunately that is not true in some cases.

The average costs to study is $300.00, times 4 weeks and that is $1200.
The average person on working holiday visa studies for about 3 months, so the sum study total is around $3600.00. Now you also have to add in the enrolment fee which is around $200.00, plus material fees (text books) which can be around $15.00 per week.

So the average total costs of studying English for 3 months is around $4000 plus….ouch!!

So try not to fall into the “How it looks” trap.

How do I find the right school for me?

Know what you want.

Think about why you want to study English.

If you need English for a job requirement, then I would suggest a government school such as a university with good credentials.

Obviously the cost will be quite hight but worth it as they can provide you with credible qualifications (certificates) that you can show to companies that you wish to work for.

However, if you only wish to study general English to help in travelling through foreign countries or to enjoy being able to converse with local or foreign people, then I would suggest the private language schools.

Of course, as I said, be aware of how much they cost as even learning General English can be expensive if you don’t look around carefully.


So remember,

1) Why do I need English.
2) Check the quality of teaching, not the school.
3) How expensive is the school.

If you are already in Australia and you are looking for a language school, you can always have a trial lesson with us.

If you are interested in our course, please see the course details and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Hope you will find the right school for you!


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5 reasons why you should choose a Demi Pair in Australia.

What is Demi Pair?

Demi Pair is an exchange program where a person lives with an Australian family who will provide them with a room, breakfast, lunch and dinner in exchange for 20 hours help in cleaning and child-care.

Today, I would like to talk about “5 Reasons why you should choose a Demi Pair in Australia.”

1.Language Benefit

Living and working with an Australian family can have a lot of benefits, such as improving your English conversation skills which starts from the moment you say “Good morning” and ends at the time you say  “Good night.”

The more you interact with the family, the faster your English conversation skills will improve, and the faster your conversion skills improve, the more confident you will become in interaction with others.

2.Sharehouse vs Demi Pair

We say ” When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
It means when in a foreign country, follow the customs of those who live there.

Choosing a share house where only people from your country live may be comfortable, but it is the same as living in shared accomodation in your own country.
Of course the main language spoken will be your language and the main culture will be yours.

Your are not going to learn at least one thing about Australia culture, are you!?

I myself also moved into a share house after staying with an Australian family as homestay.
I started living with an Australian guy and two Japanese girls, unfortunately they all preferred doing most things the Japanese way and I thought to myself, “Why am I here?” “I may as well be in Japan!!”.

As a Demi pair you can learn from the family such as up bringing, customs, food and lifestyle.

3.Leaning the ropes

Demi pair works involves housework and child care, so at times the language can be difficult.

At first you might be surprised at the difference in character and culture during the introduction, or the size of the house and that all the products are written in English, and reading and learning them may take a little time to get used to.

And of course at the beginning you might find tit difficult to understand the children’s conversation and energetic ways they like to play, or how to tell them what to do in English.

But after some time you will get used to all of it.

4. Second family

Spending 3 months with a Demi pair family and getting to know them can sometimes make saying good bye difficult.
Children get used to the Demi pair and beg them to not leave, the host mother and father might ask you to extend your time with them.

It’s good to have a relationship where you can stay connected, even after you have finished.
I am still connected on Faceboook  to my host family I home stayed with as a High school student.

When I was at High school, I couldn’t speak much English at all and when I home stayed in Australia, I thought they might be disappointed with me. But they were wonderful and I became more confident in talking to them and haven’t stopped for the past 10 years.

If you keep in touch with them after you finish your Demi pair, you will have a second family for life. You can visit them, or they might be able to visit you in your country.

This is a priceless experience.

5. Saving Money

Yes, money, when travelling money can become a big concern, and what matters most when you are travelling or studying abroad is the cost of living.

Rent and food expenses will always be the biggest expenses, as they are paid for as bought daily or weekly.

However, if you choose Demi pairs, you can save on both of these, which gives you more money to spend on fun thing s todo as extend your time in Australia.

After all, it’s not nice to watch your savings decrease rapidly and you start working about how long you can holiday for.

If I was you, I would choose Demi pair as you have the security of accomodation and food and a chance to adapt to the Australian lifestyle.


What do you think about Demi Pair?
Do you think it’s for you?

IWHP language school is always here to help you with a Demi pair family plus the support you need throughout the 3 months you are there.
IWHP is also able to help you with your English language studies to increase your skills and build a more confident personality.