I think it depends on you how much you can enjoy your Working Holiday time.

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Recently, we have had a steady temperature between 24 – 25 degree, and minimum 16 degree. I think this is similar weather to Japan right now. T-shirts are ok during the day but the wind is a bit chilly.

We received another Demi Pair review from Yuka!
Please have a look ^^

The reason why you went to abroad, working holiday

Originally I enjoyed traveling abroad, so when I went to Thailand, I learned traditional Thai massage.
In Japan, I was thinking that I would like to do massage by myself, but I needed to practice more … some people who had already been o Australia on Working Holiday told me I could get a massage job in Australia easily.

What is it like to live in Australia/ Gold Coast?

The city is beautiful and easy to live in.
If you have a car, it it much easier but I don’t mind if I catch a bus or tram.
If you have a bicycle, you can save travel expenses a lot.
There are a lot of Japanese in GC and also there are many people from other nationalities. I think that most of the local people are friendly.

The reason why I chose a Demipair program

I wanted save money and I also wanted to live in an English environment.
I was looking for homestay at first but I found IWHP and learnt about the demipair program.
I like children and I also like housework. You will have 3 meals a day so you don’t have to  worry about food. It is cheaper than homestay. That’s why I decided to sign up for the demipair program.

What was your family like?

Aussie Dad and Thai Mum, 2 girls aged 6 and 2.
Both Dad and Mum are active. They have many friends so they go out often.
The 6 years old daughter is steady sister and the 2 year old daughter still wants Mum and Dad.
I think that they are a very warm family, they are always friendly, easy to talk, and considerate.
My host mother cooks western food, like pasta and other dishes, but she also cooks Thai cuisine. I was always looking forward to eating dinner and I was able to learn how to make Thai dishes a little.


Daily work details

Cleaning, tidying up, washing / hanging out the washing, taking children to school.

* After school …
Cleaning, organizing, getting / folding laundry, making dinner together with host mum, tidying up after dinner.

* Other
Sometimes my host Dad and Mum would go out together so I looked after the children during that time.


What was the difficult time of Demi pair?

There is nothing in particular.
To say strongly,  there was no schedule, so I did not know what to do at the beginning. But I asked my host Mum when I didn’t know what to do, eventually I knew what to do myself and made my own flow.
I think that it is difficult to make a schedule because they go out and have a lot of visitors.
Also, I could not understand my host dad’s English very well. I usually asked my host mum what he said. Even now, somehow I can not hear the English of a man …

One point of advice to everyone who wants to do Demi Pair / Working Holiday in the future.

For people who like children, can do housework, want to save money, or who do not mind the restraint of time, I think that the Demi Pair program is the best choice.

I worked on massage only on Saturday and Sunday during the demipair. Of course, you can use your weekends to hang out with your friend or whatever you want!
After finishing the demipair, I am working at my host mum’s friend’s massage shop.
Old thai massage style I have been studying is a massage without using oils and you massage on the mat.
What I am doing at work is a massage using oil on the bed.
Because the shop is suppose to be an old-fashioned Thai shop, there are customers who wish to have an old style massage, but most of the customers want to have oil message. Therefore, I am able to study oil massage as well.
And I’m really happy if the customers are happy.
At first I thought that I will get a second visa but I gave up because the age of visa did not raise. (I am 32 years old already because I got a visa for my age) …
But I am interested in working on a farm as well, I am planning to go where I can learn permanent culture after the end of WH.
Since you can decide whatever you want on a working holiday, I think it depends on you how much you can enjoy your Working Holiday time.

I think that you can stay abroad in a different way on a Working Holiday or Demipair.
And, I could get experiences that I couldn’t do by traveling.
WH people can earn money by working overseas. After you have saved money, you can travel anywhere.
You can live in a share house and homestay, not only backpacker.
Demi Pairs live with a home family and are deeply involved with the family.
Either way, who you meet might be important for you. But I was blessed that I could meet a lot of wonderful people on the GC.
While I’ve been in AUS, I’ve met many Thai people and I feel the kindness of Thai people day after day.
I am living a completely different life from my plan before I came here as a Working Holiday person, But it is fun!
Whatever it is, I always think that it is best to stay relaxed and happy with Mai Pen Lai (a magical word meaning that means it does not matter, you will be okay, no problem etc in Thai).

Testimonial of IWHP

My school life was a lot of fun!!!!!
I’m really spend awesome time with schoolmates.
My teacher, Adam always corrected my english mistakes.
Even I of the super-beginner’s course level could study English happily.
Thanks to my school and Demipair, my English listening certainly improved.
I have to keep studying English. Thank you very much!!!!!!

Thank you so much, Yuka!

Believe or not, she is very quiet girl and doesn’t talk so much.
But she is always kind to everyone and has a peaceful heat.
I am sure if you sit next to her, you feel relaxed. You can be natural with her.

I have traveled around Thailand so I remembered we talked about Thailand before.

When she was placed to this family, I thought this is kinda destiny?! because they are perfect match!

I remember she said to me that she could stay with her family longer but she finished her demipair because they are such a lovely family so she wanted other demipairs to know her family more!

She can think of others and she always has a calm mind.
That’s why, I think, she’s met such a wonderful life anywhere she goes!

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