12 weeks English Study with Demipair from Minako


How did you going to study abroad/working holiday

I have longing for foreign countries because I love Western music and foreign paintings. I thought that English ability is very important in the future society and I wanted to experience a lot of things in touch with a culture quite different from Japan. And I wanted to be released from everyday being work-centered and repeating everyday (laugh)

Was it comfortable to live in the Australia, Gold Coast?

The best! Beautiful sea magnificent than anything! It was like a heaven as my home town doesn’t have the ocean. I stayed in the summer season from September to January, but it is basically a climate that is easy to spend. There are several stylish cafes and I love it in the atmosphere where the whole city is relaxing! It was fun because there were lots of places where it is not too rural, shopping is possible, and places where the night is busy as well!

Why did you want to try to do Demi Pair

To be honest, after all I can live overseas at low cost! Beginning with few funds I chose this, but at the same time, I was able to live with people who speak English, this was the best shortcut for improving my English ability, I have never had a homestay experience before. I did not know how it looks like living with foreign people, Demi Pair was the best choice.

What’s your Demi Pair family like?

Even now I remember, they were very warm people! Children are very cute and good girls! They understand myself full of insecurity because I do not understand English at all. And they always touched me kindly, invited me when they went out.  I was delighted with the feeling of host mother who was busy and took valuable holidays and took me to the sightseeing spot. Although I thought that I would be absolutely fat when I lived abroad but the family cooked healthy food for us so I lost my weight! (Lol)

Your Demi Pair job of the day

The child’s care was the most! This is the only job I asked from my family! The best work for children lovers! Although I was not good at children, I was confused at the beginning, but the kids were very good and gentle and friendly, and the more I spend time with them together, the more I liked children! When the family went on a holiday, I missed them so much. Even now I remember sometimes I miss it. One hour in the morning, children’s dressing, helping breakfast, teeth brushing, playing with children if time goes by. Three hours in the evening I play with my children until dinner, I take it in a bath, helping my supper, brush my teeth.

Trouble Story at Demi Pair

It was not only fun but also I struggled with my host kids at the beginning. I did not know how to play with children unless I could communicate with them. Afterwards children were allergic to themselves and I was very careful about what to eat. Even when I am tired, the children are always energetic, and on a sick day I do not want to do anything. But what I thought most was that I enjoyed myself! As a result, everything was a very good experience.

One point advice to everyone who wants to do Demi Pair / Working holiday from now

If you think that you would like to try even a little, you should absolutely challenge! When I imagine abroad in Japan, I wonder if I can live with other people outside of Japan as I can not speak English, food will fit or whether it is a dangerous place Not all, I was worried and there was no dirt! However, when I tried living abroad, I got it! (Laugh) I thought that if I could do such an experience why I did not challenge sooner. Let’s live abroad for now! I want you to take one step!

Review of IWHP

Adam is a great teacher!! Sometimes like a friend, like a father, this class was very fun and we loved it. I wanted to do more studies English at I.W.H.P!!!!! I.W.H.P taught me the fun of English.Because of my teacher, my English skills  improved. (maybe)lol

And not only studies, they gave parties for students,  pizza parties, sandwich parties, the rooftop pool parties and BBQ parties!! I had a lot of good times. It was a good experience and memory for me. I`ll never forget everything!! I want to recommend this school to new challengers !!!!

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