Australia has a convenient system which Japan doesn’t have.


We had another blue sky on the Gold Coast!
I’ve written my blog in English 3 times now, it is a good way to know my weak points.

I strongly recommend it to you as well!

Some of our students write their diary and Adam alway check their grammar.
We always told them to start writing from 3 lines in a day, and when they get used to do it they can write more and more! At the beginning, it will be fixed a lot of grammar but at the end of your course, you will see that your mistakes will be less than beginning.
Today, I’m going to talk about what the convenient points of living in Australia are?
This might  not be necessary for people in other countries but sometimes, I find out Australia’s system is more convenient than Japan.
Japan is a very convenient and high tech country, and our service is great.
But we feel our service is bit too much and not flexible.
Since I’ve moved to Australia, I am sometimes confused about the Australian service and their system, but I like their frank and friendly style, and Australia has a convenient system which Japan doesn’t have.

Alright, here we go!

①It’s easy to buy a mobile phone with or without contract.

Japanese have to sit at the counter of each mobile phone career, show them our ID, do a lot of paperwork which take more than 30 mins!
It is also sometimes difficult  for foreigner to get a mobile phone!!
They have to have a contract fro at  least 2 years, and they rarely sell a prepaid phone….

But you can buy a mobile phone in Australia so easily!
A few years ago, SIM cards were FREE! (Now they are  $2), even the supermarkets sell the mobile phones.
So it is very convinient for International students to get a mobile phone as soon as they arrive here and the prices for a phone are quite reasonable.


②EFTPOS System

Is EFTPOS only in Australia? I don’t know.
But it is not a credit card but if you have a balance on your bank account, you can pay it like a Debit card.You have to be careful but you don’t have to have cash.

Japanese LOOVE the credit card system so most of the shop is eager to sell their credit card.

③24hour Bank withdrawal

You may not believe but it can’t withdraw our money from most ATM machines for 24 hours in Japan. And they take a withdrawal fee every time, even if it is your own bank machine.

But in Australia, it is 24 hour ATM machines. And if it is your bank ATM machine, there is no bank fee.

④No trend?!

I remember that Japanese always love new things and new trends.
They always make long queues to get into  a popular restaurant or shop.
I used to be a mobile phone seller and when a new iPhone and iPad came out,
they made a loooooong queue waiting to make a booking to buy a new phone.
We made more than 600 bookings on that day.

But we don’t have to be in a hurry in Australia.
They usually have the stock for popular products.
I’ve never seen people in Australia rush into a shop and buy a something new.


④Friendly service style

As a customer, sometimes the friendly attitude of the shop staff make you feel annoyed.
I think they misunderstand what annoying and friendly is.
But I like watching them have a chat with their customers as if they are friends with each other(but they are not! lol)

It is very easy and helpful for Japanese to work as shop staff because we think the customers are “GODs”. So we have to treat the customer like a King or something.
When I go back to Japan, I feel sorry for them because they always look like they aren’t allow to make a mistake. They don’t look like they enjoy and love their job.
So working with people having fun and relaxed is very good for us and most Australian customers are very helpful and friendly.

⑤You can taste the food before you buy!

It depends on the food, but you can taste it before you buy!
For example, I always pick one grape up and taste it to see if it is sweet or not.
Sometimes I see children eat their snacks before buying. and scan the empty package later…lol

Nobody cares!!!
To me, “Can’t they wait to eat??” but I believe they can’t…right?
Sometimes, they break our common sense. It is interesting.
Hmmm….I think that’s all???
I’m satisfied with 80% of this life.
Of course, Australia is less convenient than Japan but I feel there is no waste in this country.
I think simple is the best♡

It is a lot of fun to find the difference between one country and another country


2010年より、約10年間オーストラリアで主にデミペアさんとファミリーのマッチングをしていました。 日本にはあまり馴染みのない制度の中で、言葉も文化も違う家族の中でナニーさんとして奮闘するオーペアガールズを応援したくこのブログを書いています。

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