Review from Kanae

At first, I couldn’t imagine what language school like. But, actually it was very friendly atmosphere, and then l felt relieved.

Adam made us laugh every time and
I enjoyed his class. Besides, he has a lot of various experience, so he didn’t only teach English, but also important things to live on my life.

Hiroko gave a sympathetic ear to my problem and gave appropriate advices when l was worried about looking after children as a Demi-pair and the way to contact with host family.

The system of Demi-pair is less familiar in Japan, so l couldn’t imagine about it. Besides, it was a way of challenging for me that haven’t taken an opportunity to contact with children so much. I didn’t know what l should do sometimes, but l could talk to Adam, Hiroko and my friends so that l could solve problems without keeping my worries to myself.

And, l stayed at general household of Australia, so it was very interesting that l knew what they usually eat at house and how they live everyday.

I couldn’t talk to host family in English well. Nevertheless, they always warmly contacted with me like a real family.

I really appreciate Adam,Hiriko and my friends who made me have such a valuable experience.
My English improved than when l first came to Australia.Thank you.

If someone is thinking whether try to Demi-pair or not, l definitely recommend them to do it. Because you can learn REAL every conversation in host family’s house and how to contact with little children in English while saving money! It’s the best way of fulfilling to stay in Australia.
I’m truly glad that l chose IWHP.
Thank you so much.

2010年より、約10年間オーストラリアで主にデミペアさんとファミリーのマッチングをしていました。 日本にはあまり馴染みのない制度の中で、言葉も文化も違う家族の中でナニーさんとして奮闘するオーペアガールズを応援したくこのブログを書いています。