About Australia

You will see a lot of International Students in Australia and also a lot of people from all over the world. That is why it is easy to live on the Coast and also you will find also Australian people are very friendly. There are a lot of wild animals and nature.You can live safely on the Gold Coast and the climate is always sunny and warm. There are a lot of activities you can enjoy in Australia such as Surfing, diving as well as traveling around Australia by car.

About course fee

All the I.W.H.P staff understand the situation of working holiday students from our long experience.
You want to do a lot of things while you are in Australia.
That’s why we would like you to study English for a reasonable price and spend the rest of your time enjoying your holiday.

About Courses and the teachers

Yes, you can start from any day except Friday and the weekends.
We will caluculate your course period from your starting day.

Yes, of course. You can take a holiday during your course.
Please tell us 1 week in advance then we will transfer your course period.

We also accept this situation if you are sick, other important schedules, Australian Public holidays and holidays when I.W.H.P closes.

The communication between the teacher and students is only in English.
But I.W.H.P’s friendly teachers will speak to you very cleary and slowly if you request.

We have pre-elementary and intermediate. The two rooms operate at the same time with two hours of speaking studies and two hours of grammar studies. But we change this depend of the number of students.

The average number is 5-8 people, maximum number is 12 people.

The lessons start from 9.00 am and finish at 14.00.
I.W.H.P has a self study time from 14.00 to 15.00.

We have a Ticket Course which has been designed with a flexible timetable – choose from morning or afternoon classes. As such, you can save yourself time and money.

About Enrolment

Our English Language school I.W.H.P, which is located on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.
I.W.H.P (International Working Holiday Program) has been active in the English Language education business since the year 2011.

I.W.H.P focuses on working holiday and tourist students who wish to study the English language on an affordable budget, enjoy some of the sites on the Gold Coast with the school, live with an Australian family as a host, or perhaps try living and working in an Australian household with our Demi Pair program.

Travelling and studying English can be an exciting but sometimes expensive adventure, so we came up with an education program we feel is right for those who wish to enjoy their time living, working and studying English in Australia.

We have tried to create a homely atmosphere where if the student has a problem they can come to us for help or advice.

Unfortunately, we only focus on students on a Working Holiday visa or Visitor visa.
But if you wish to study with us and stay in Australia more than 1 year,
we can help you with another option for changing your visa from Visitor visa to Student visa. Please ask us for more information.

Restaurants from countries, two supermarkets, cafes, a post office, gym, Yoga studio, and so on.

It depends on your program. If you would like to apply for Demipair and Homestay, we need more than 1 month before your arrival. If you need us to arrange a Demipair family less than 1 month from your arrival, we may ask you to stay at a temporary accomodation just in case we can’t find a family for you before your arrival. If this happens, accomodation will be arranged by us and the rent will be from $160 per week not including meal.

If you just need the English course, you can apply 1 week before you start.

Please refer to the I.W.H.P Refund_policy.

You can pay your course fee by International transaction from your country’s bank or you can pay through Paypal.The details will be shown in your invoice.

About Homestay and demipair

No, this is a package program. We would like you to choose I.W.H.P English full time course and the program.

Usually yes. But the usage is limited so you can only use it to check your emails and call home. Sometimes they charge a small fee for the internet.

A DemiPair is not a fully qualified nanny. You will provide assistance to the parents, sharing housework and child minding duties as required. The DemiPairs range from 18 to 30 years old, but generally are in their early 20s.

[Minimum Requirement]

  • Age: Over 18
  • Love children
  • Happy to help with house-work, including laundry and cleaning.
  • Outgoing, active, responsible and friendly.
  • Working Holiday Visa or Tourist visa*
  • 3 months of stay or more.


Extension is possible. It is an agreement made between you and your family.
Please ask I.W.H.P staff, when you come to school.

Yes or No, just let your host family or Demipair family know what time so they don’t worry. If you don’t need dinner, please tell your family by the morning. For Demipairs, if you come home late like after 22.00, please stay at your friend’s house or somewhere. The family doesn’t want the kids to wake up.

Yes, but you must give two weeks notice. And we don’t refund the demipair fee.

All homestay and Demipair families are located within 50 minutes from I.W.H.P by bus or bicycle.

Yes, I.W.H.P staff can help you apply for this.

At I.W.H.P we will place you with a friendly Australian homestay family that has been carefully selected. If you have any specific requiremetns such as religion, medical condition etc, please note that information into our application form. As a Demipair, you can’t choose family number, age and gender. We only consider above specific requirements.

Our I.W.H.P staff is available to help you if you have any homestay/Demipair questions or problems

Other Support

We also help you to buy your mobile phone. You can buy a basic mobile from the supermarket for around $20 – 100. Students often use pre-paid phones.
Or if you have an unlcoked phone, you can use your phone straight away just insert an Australian Sim card.

We have some activities throughout the year, including BBQs, visiting nature reserves, play sports and games, kangaroo walks, and much more. Please check our Gallery page.

Yes the school has small laptop and tablets and Wi-Fi is available for your Wi-Fi devices.

Yes, we will help you to make a resume, how to interview in English, how to find a job. We will help you to get a Tax File Number as well.