1. Why did you choose Gold Coast?

– Because I heard that there are a lot of people who go out without shoes here.
And then, I thought the people are able to relax, I like that.

2. What was the reason to bring you to overseas?

– I just wanted to study English and wanted to see different cultures, different life styles, and different ways of thinking about many things.

3. What was your level of English before you came to Australia?

– Before coming to Australia my level was elementary.

4. What was the difficult thing as a Demi Pair for you?

– The difficult thing as a Demi Pair was “Having a heart to heart talk.” Normaly a lot of Japanese don’t tell their real feelings. But in my case, it wasn’t only Japanese (me). My family was also anxious about me.


5. What did you do on the weekend?

– I spent most of the weekends for shopping, hanging out with my friends, and going out to night clubs and some bars. I went to the beach and tried to do snorkeling here on the Gold Coast. Brisbane city is close to the GC, so some times, I went there to meet up with my friends.

6. How did you feel studying at I.W.H.P?

– It was nice to meet Adam and Hiroko. If I went to the other school, I couldn’t enjoy my life in Australia like this. I.W.H.P is very homely.