Review from Keita with 12 weeks General English and Demipair

Keith from Japan
Keith from Japan

1.Why did you choose Gold Coast? 
For no particular reason. Because I just wanted to go to there by instinct.

2.What was the reason to bring you to overseas?
It’s because my biggest dream in twenties is to go traveling all around the world. Therefore at first I decided to improve a skill of the English conversation here for two years.

3.Why did you want to be a Demi Pair?
When I found this life style on the Internet by chance in Japan, I feel very fascinated by that. Because I thought to be able to learn real English conversation by living with an Aussie family and looking after of children even more than just homestay. And then, As far as I know, The stay costs were lower than what kind of other methods.

4.What was the difficult thing as a Demi Pair for you?
Nothing Special. But I always had some coughs by ash from fireplace and house dust I think. That was not a important problem for me though.

5.What did you do on the weekend?
Of course I hung out with my friends! Going for a beach, shopping, sightseeing, eating, and drinking, something like that. And then I had borrowed the car from my host family because our house is in the mountain. (It takes about 30 minutes from school by car actually) So, we always went for a drive well to somewhere even though we have no sense of direction. haha Well, I was able to make a close friend thanks to that in the Mt. neighbour though:)

6.What was your Demi Pair work for a week?
In my case, I was in charge of look after children and all the housework for 4-6 hours a day on weekdays.
・Put on the laundry and hang out
・Get ready breakfast and lunch for kids
・Wash dishes and put away
・Iron and get dressed for kids
・Vacuum and mop downstairs
・Make bed for kids bedroom
・Wood chopping and take up rubbish bins (sometimes)

・Wood chopping and light the fire
・Wash dishes and put away
・Take the laundry in and fold it
・Sort out kids playroom
・Vacuum and mop upstairs
・Play with kids and check outside is tidy
・Make dinner with mother (I’m an assistance) and set a table for that
・Wash dishes and put away
・Give a bath and change for kids
・Check downstairs is tidy
Well, I was able to gain many valuable experiences in addition to these. Anyway That’s about it every day.

7. How did you feel studying at I.W.H.P?
Our school is fantastic, anyway. Adam who is boss he always talked friendly to me, “Heeey! Agent K?” However, I don’t know why he calls me like that. haha Kirstie who is my class teacher she always amuses us! When I asked her a phone number, “Kirstie! Can I have a your phone number?” “No!” “Why?!” “Just kidding.” It was really fun every day like this. So, I feel that I have improved with English more than that time when I came to here thanks to them. Anyway, I learned various things from them but that is difficult for me to explain even in Japanese. By the way, Hiroko is always very kind and helpful to me even now. haha Of course, Let’s keep in touch about fuckin bananas! Lol Just kidding:)
“No matter where we are in the world, we are your students.”
Hey you guys! You know what? Actually, I created this message to Adam’s farm. hehe

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