Demi Pair and School review from Hitomi

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The reason why you went to abroad, working holiday.

Since I was a chile, I was interested in English. I never got out of home country, so I did not have the courage to go abroad and worked as an ordinary social worker, but I felt that I would regret if I will not go to abroad !! I decided to study abroad.

What is it like to live in Australia/ Gold Coast?

Gold Coast was a countryside than I imagined. so I was surprised that I had nothing to do for a week after arriving Australia. But, when I got used to it, my favourite beach was nearby, there was a shopping mall in the area where I can go anytime by bus or tram, and the city was good size for me. I saw a lot of beautiful girls and boys.  so I enjoyed walking and watching handsome guys just passing by. lol The weather was not humid and sticky. It was pretty easy to live ~.

The reason you chose to do the demi-pair

I wanted to get a job using English after coming back Japan. I was looking for an au pair at the beginning because I wanted to do a job related to a child using English but Demi Pair is only 4 hours a day, 20 hrs a week and I could go to school during the week. I decided to do Demi pair as the cost was also reasonable to live.

What was your family like?

Although my host father was a single father, he cooked delicious food every day, I went shopping with them, he made fresh juice and smooth in the morning. I was looking forward to having it every morning. ^^ Also, they invited his friends and had wine and bbq. It was fun.  The children are 5 and 7 year old girls sisters. We played together with origami, making cookies together. They taught me how to ride the waves. They are Australia’s energetic children (^ ^)
Even the beach was 10 seconds from the house and the environment was also the best!

Demi Pair Work Schedule.

Make the lunch of children in the morning, get them dressed uniforms, brush their teeth. In the afternoon cleaning the house, washing, playing with the children in the sea. Because it is a single father, they go to their mum’s house half of the week so it was free time for me at that time.

What was the difficult time of Demi pair?

When my host father was at work on Saturday all day, when I spend the day with my children. My communication in English did not go well, so it was hard to communicate with children.


One point advice to everyone who wants to do demo pair / working Holiday in the future.

If you are interested in going to overseas, you should try! It’s not easy and it’s hard work sometimes. However, you will regret if you didn’t try at all. Every day was quite exciting, as I met many people! I learned good point of Japan again and also the good  point of overseas. I was able to grow a lot of myself! If it is possible I also want to go back to study abroad in another country when I can save money (^ ^) Also it is fun because I can travel to various places to meet my friends who have studied  together at school even after I went back to home ♫

Testimonial of IWHP

IWHP is the best school on the Gold Coast. I attended IWHP for three months. So,I met some very wonderful people there. Adam is one of amazing person I’ve ever met.
He cheered me up when I tried to give up about Australia.
While I was in Australia, I enjoyed going to school. I have experiences in Australia that I can not do in Japan. If i can go to Australia again. I will meet you guys.Thank you for everything.

demipair hitomi


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