What is I.W.H.P?

Our English Language school I.W.H.P, which is located on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.
I.W.H.P (International Working Holiday Program) has been active in the English Language education business since the year 2011.

I.W.H.P focuses on working holiday and tourist students who wish to study the English language on an affordable budget, enjoy some of the sites on the Gold Coast with the school, live with an Australian family as a host, or perhaps try living and working in an Australian household with our Demi Pair program.

Travelling and studying English can be an exciting but sometimes expensive adventure, so we came up with an education program we feel is right for those who wish to enjoy their time living, working and studying English in Australia.

We have tried to create a homely atmosphere where if the student has a problem they can come to us for help or advice.

Do you provide a student visa?

Unfortunately, we only focus on students on a Working Holiday visa or Visitor visa.
But if you wish to study with us and stay in Australia more than 1 year,
we can help you with another option for changing your visa from Visitor visa to Student visa. Please ask us for more information.