Pizza party at the poolside

pizza party

Last weekend we had a pizza party at the poolside for the last day of one of our students Megumi. Spent a couple of hours and we enjoyed swimming and volleyball! Thanks for choosing us Megumi. We hope to see you again soon! Cheers!






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Student Adviser at I.W.H.P
2009年に27歳で脱OLしてワーキングホリデーで渡豪!ワーホリ奮闘してました! 海外に行きたいと思った理由? それは、英語を学びたいのと海外生活がしたいから、海外で働いてみたいから。それだけの理由です。 そして、次はあなたの番です! “いつか”はいつまで経っても実現しません! “いつか”を”今”に変えていきませんか? Hello, Nice to meet you. My name is Hiroko and I am a Student adviser at I.W.H.P. I have been living in Australia for 8 years. I came here on a working holiday visa in 2009. I love travelling but I have always dreamed about living in another country. I believe that Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that the culture, nature and character. I have always wondered what it looks like?What I can learn? What the differences between my country and other countries are? Of course the purpose was studying English. I’m still learning a lot of things so it never ends. Learning another language is very useful and fun and I’ve been able to meet a lot of people because of my English. No it is your time to change your life!! I.W.H.P is always here for you to help living in Australia.

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