Why we located our language school in Miami, Gold Coast?

Hello! This is Hiroko from IWHP language school.

Our language school IWHP is located in the area of Miami, which is about 30 minutes from Surfers Paradise by tram and bus.

Miami is a local spot where local Australian people live. It seems to be popular area for people who live permanently on the Gold Coast, and it is also a great spot for beach-goers who prefer quiet open beaches.

Today, I would like to tell you why our language school is located away from area, which other language schools are the most, such as Surfers Paradise and Southport.

1. Local spot away from the tourist spot, Surfers Paradise

When we decided to open our language school, we immediatly chose Miami on the Gold Coast.

The reason being that we wanted to have the students in a local environment and this we felt isn’t a real Australian environment.

So we removed Surfers paradise for the location of our language school because we wanted everyone who cam on a Working Holiday to have a feeling that they are living locally and not as tourists.

Our students who already live in the Miami area, wish to live in Gold Coast South area as they think Surfers Paradise is more for Tourist and very busy.

2. “Making Small Talk” with the locals

Making small talk means to make conversation about things that is not important and usually with people you don’t know.

Our choice of location was important to our idea that immersing a student in a small and friendly local environment will help them accustoms to the Australian way of life.

The shopping centre where our language school is located is big enough to have all the necessary shopping facilities, but small enough to keep it’s slow, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

By being in a smaller community, students are able to continuously meet the local shop assistants and have the opportunity to “make small talk.” “Small talk” is a common practise in Australia.

Popular spots and Quiet Beaches.

 Our language school is in easy access to popular spots for the locals and tourists in the know.

If you take a short walk or ride around the back streets Miami, you will come across hidden gems such as,

  • Cafe
  • Burleigh North and Miami Beach
    Beautiful quiet beaches with views stretching North to South, mainly popular for the locals.
  • Free BBQs – situated in Parks and beaches available for all.
  • Miami Marketta food-based night market held on weekends and Wednesdays.
  • Village Market – A market with lots of sundries and clothes for girls which runs every Saturday.
  • UGG shop and original factory store, also known as Mutton boots.
  • Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
    A large shopping mall. You can also spend a day here in the movies and restaurants.
    There are a lot of other famous cafes.


What did you think?
It is really important that where your language school is located as well.
If you find that Miami on the Gold Coast is attractive, please feel free to contact us!