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Our English Language school I.W.H.P, which is located on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.
I.W.H.P (International Working Holiday Program) has been active in the English Language education business since the year 2011.
I.W.H.P focuses on working holiday and tourist students who wish to study the English language on an affordable budget, enjoy some of the sites on the Gold Coast with the school, live with an Australian family as a host, or perhaps try living and working in an Australian household with our Demi Pair program.

Travelling and studying English can be an exciting but sometimes expensive adventure, so we came up with an education program we feel is right for those who wish to enjoy their time living, working and studying English in Australia.

We have tried to create a homely atmosphere where if the student has a problem they can come to us for help or advice.


Adam Cole
Direct of Study


Hello, Nice to meet you.

My name is Hiroko and I am a Student adviser at I.W.H.P.
I have been living in Australia for 6 years. I came here on a working holiday visa in 2009.
I love travelling but I have always dreamed about living in another country.

I have always wondered what it looks like?

What I can learn?

What the differences between my country and other countries are?

Of course the purpose was studying English.

I’m still learning a lot of things so it never ends.
Learning another language is very useful and fun and I’ve been able to meet a lot of people because of my English.

I believe that Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that the culture, nature and character.
I.W.H.P is always here for you to help living in Australia.


What can you do at IWHP?

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General English Course
Small class, fun environment. AUD$165〜![/col3] [col3]demipair hitomi
Demi Pair Program
A family arrange fee$770
(Inc airport pick up service, 12 weeks accommodation, 3 meals a day)[/col3] [col3]farm_tomato_bowen
Farm Job arrangement program
Farm arrangement fee AUD$500
(An arrangement farm job, accommodations and pick up service.)[/col3] [/colwrap]

[colwrap] [col3]kindyvol
Kindergarten Volunteer program
Volunteer arrangement fee AUD$500
(Incl apply Blue Card, Arrange with the kindy, first day visit with an IWHP staff, and any support when you need any help.)[/col3] [col3]o0800060013589722212
AUD$230 per week.
(Inc Own room, Breakfast and Dinner)[/col3] [/colwrap]