Thanks you for Adam,Hiroko and my classmates.
I really appreciate everything.
I had IELTS classes. In Japan, I have studied for IELTS by myself, but the score was not enough for my goal. IELTS requires particular strategies.
I was looking for a expert in teaching for IELTS.
Adam is the best teacher I have ever met. The most impressive lesson was the practice for an essay. At first, I wrote my essay on a white board, and then, he corrected it. Not only giving correct, he always asked me a reason and another way. This style was effective for improving writing skills. I could have a beneficial time.
Hiroko is a lovely women. She always helped me kindly.
I felt a good atmosphere Adam, Hiroko and classmates created in I.W.H.P.
I recommend this school.
Now, I am planning for living at GC. I would like to have a lesson in I.W.H.P again.


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