Eeeeeeeaasy – the lifestyle,the work,the country
Eeeeeeeaasier to start with help and a first planed step.
But the Eeeeeeeeaasiest way to a real working holiday life und the best first step is with IWHP!

That’s not just an English language school. You also can learn something about typical Australian lifestyle,train typical situations in your working-life and have a lot of fun with special actions like camping and bbq.

You also have a feeling in class like a big family.if you have some circumstances you can ask Adam or Hiroko for help. They help you with your first steps e.g. to buy a car, to get a bank account, to get a tax-file-number, to stay in a hostfamily the first weeks and much more.
So if you wanna have a funny and helpful and eeeeeeeeaasiest start in your Australian life then is IWHP the perfect place for you!
Wanna feel free? – Take IWHP!


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