Review from Saya

Thank you Adam and Hiroko for supporting me a lot. I’m shy and not good at getting adjust brand new environments but ,I met funny Adam ,sweet kind Hiroko ,and class mates at the school. They helped me to go to the school enjoyabley.
I cried by frustrations that when I couldn’t understand the English lesson. But Adam cheered me up with his joking that he wanted take a picture of my crying face. He always taught me English so paitiently .
He was always thinking and taking care of us and I loved the way he were!!
I had been nervous because I had ever been to abroad by myself but, Hiroko was always listening about my hostfamily and told me shops where she recommends and she taught me even how to catch a bus. If I hadn’t met her,I would have gone back to Japan. She always listened me even when she was caring of her baby and I love her!!
I appreciate those two people Adam and Hiroko who always supporsed me for the 3 months.
I’m so glad that I could study with them who keep conidering the students who already graduated and be loved by them.
Thank you very much!!

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