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It has passed to stay in Australia and I`m in Kuala Lumpur.
Before I came to Gold Coast I thought I wanted to give up to come because I had to do a lot of things for studying abroad but I`m really happy to experience it.
I`ve experienced Demipair. I wanted to do nothing sometimes by just my stupid feeling. But my lovely Hennessy family, awesome Adam and Hiroko, great teacher Jack(GTJ) and my beautiful friends gave me advices and power. I would go back without all of them. I really grateful to them. Thank you so much.
Before I came here I was satisfied with studying abroad but my friends I met there have a deep way of thinking, they were cool!!! And also I studied English to get same level with them, it improved my English.
I really appreciate to everyone who supported me. I`ll be back this JUNE(^^)/I can`t wait it!!!!

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