Review from Risa

I really enjoyed my life in AUS!
It was fun to be a student again at IWHP.
Our teacher, Adam is a happy and
energetic person. His lesson was fun and he made us laugh everyday. He taught me lots of new words, idioms, some grammars…
I loved his lesson♡
Hiroko san is so kind and helped me a lot♡ She understands our situation and gives some good advice.

IWHP is a small and homey language school, so it is easy to know each other and make many friends.
I love the atmosphere♡

I met lots of friends there, they always helped me and shared good time together. I made lots of good memories with them!

It was a big decision to go to AUS.
I thought it was too late to do something new.
I was nervous to go to school again. However, Adam, Hirokosan and my friends always supported me, and I had a really good time.
Now, I know my age is not so important. Everyone at IWHP changed my mind because they looked so happy.I decided to go back to Australia again.
Thank you for all of my friends and experiences!

IWHP is a good place to start a new life in AUS.
Adam and Hirokosan always hope
we enjoy our life.
They make lots of chance to have fun, like BBQ party or some special lessons.
IWHP is not just a language school for me, it is my home and a reason to go back to AUS. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

I am sure that you enjoy your life at IWHP.
We only have one life to live!
Time flies!
We need to enjoy our life and do anything we want!

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