Review from Atsushi

This golden week, I stayed at Surfers Paradise for 8days.

My Schedule (Monday to Friday)
7:00 Wake up
7:30 Start running to IWHP(40min)
8:10 MIAMI beach (Breakfast)
9:00 Lesson start (Break and lunch)
13:40 Lesson finish
14:00 Catch a bus to Surfers Paradise
14:30 After school (Surfing in Surfers Paradise or Q1Spa)

I entered IWHP! What a great school ! IWHP is high value and low cost(Only A$150!!).Adam and Hiroko have a great Hospitality.
If you have a long holiday, how about entering IWHP!?

30/04/2012 – 04/05/2012”


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