Testimonial from Kotono

Hi everyone!

Thank you for visiting IWHP blog again!
We have had a hot day one day and cold day one day.

We would like to announce our special today!
Easter is coming soon so we would like to have a Demi Pair special.
One of our popular program is the Demi Pair placement fee, is $550! $220 discount!

You can start your English course and demi pair program anytime but this special will last only until the end of September!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!

Speaking of Demi pair, we would like to introduce more Demi pair and IWHP reviews.

It was really fruitful time.
If I didn’t work as a Demipair at the begining of coming to Australia,
I wouldn’t have confidence about my English.
I’m sure that is good opportunity for learning English and making family in Australia.
It’s my ideal goal so I had a lot of amazing experience.
Especially I felt a real life as a member of the family.
And our teacher was like a comedian. lol.
He has many funny story so we enjoy talking anytime.
I appreciate him taught me English and support.

12 weeks Demipair and 10 weeks English course.

Thank you for your wonderful reviews!

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