Hear what our students say about us


I spent it happily every day at IWHP.
Adam was able to always teach English clearly,kindly and funny!!
I was really glad to be able to select IWHP and to meet yours and friends.
Adam and Hiroko.
Thank you for teaching me for 3 months and following me when I was in Australia.


Adam is a great teacher!! Sometimes like a friend, like a father, this class was very fun and we loved it. I wanted to do more studies English at I.W.H.P!!!!! I.W.H.P taught me the fun of English.Because of my teacher, my English skills  improved. (maybe)lol

And not only studies, they gave parties for students,  pizza parties, sandwich parties, the rooftop pool parties and BBQ parties!! I had a lot of good times. It was a good experience and memory for me. I`ll never forget everything!! I want to recommend this school to new challengers !!!!


Thank you, Adam and Hiroko for supporting me a lot. I’m shy and not good at getting adjust brand new environments but ,I met funny Adam ,sweet kind Hiroko ,and class mates at the school. They helped me to go to the school enjoyabley.
I cried by frustrations that when I couldn’t understand the English lesson. But Adam cheered me up with his joking that he wanted take a picture of my crying face. He always taught me English so paitiently .
He was always thinking and taking care of us and I loved the way he were!!
I had been nervous because I had ever been to abroad by myself but, Hiroko was always listening about my hostfamily and told me shops where she recommends and she taught me even how to catch a bus. If I hadn’t met her,I would have gone back to Japan. She always listened me even when she was caring of her baby and I love her!!
I appreciate those two people Adam and Hiroko who always supported me for the 3 months.
I’m so glad that I could study with them who keep considering the students who already graduated and be loved by them.
Thank you very much!!


I really spend a good time and many things experienced in I.W.H.P.
I wanna study more!! I really enjoyed in school. And I met a lot of good people. It’s an irreplaceable, precious friend to me. Thank you for Adam and Hiroko It was awesome for me!!


I think IWHP is cozy.
The distance between the student to a teacher was close and I was able to ask a teacher any question willingly. They told me carefully and clearly. When I came first, I was not able to hear “How are you?”. But I was praised by a teacher when I grew up now if I compared to my first day. I advance to the next step with confidence.


I had a great experience at iwhp!
This is the first time that I come to other country.
So I had expected and afraided about my new life but i have thought too much.
There were such a nice people !

Teacher adam who is an amazing teacher taught us lots of interesting things. We are lucky that’s why we met you!

Thank you so much Adam ,Hiroko and Keita!


At first, I couldn’t imagine what language school like. But, actually it was very friendly atmosphere, and then l felt relieved.

Adam made us laugh every time and
I enjoyed his class. Besides, he has a lot of various experience, so he didn’t only teach English, but also important things to live on my life.

Hiroko gave a sympathetic ear to my problem and gave appropriate advices when l was worried about looking after children as a Demi-pair and the way to contact with host family.

The system of Demi-pair is less familiar in Japan, so l couldn’t imagine about it. Besides, it was a way of challenging for me that haven’t taken an opportunity to contact with children so much. I didn’t know what l should do sometimes, but l could talk to Adam, Hiroko and my friends so that l could solve problems without keeping my worries to myself.

And, l stayed at general household of Australia, so it was very interesting that l knew what they usually eat at house and how they live everyday.

I couldn’t talk to host family in English well. Nevertheless, they always warmly contacted with me like a real family.

I really appreciate Adam,Hiriko and my friends who made me have such a valuable experience.
My English improved than when l first came to Australia.Thank you.

If someone is thinking whether try to Demi-pair or not, l definitely recommend them to do it. Because you can learn REAL every conversation in host family’s house and how to contact with little children in English while saving money! It’s the best way of fulfilling to stay in Australia.
I’m truly glad that l chose IWHP.
Thank you so much.


I really enjoyed our school.
My teacher told me until I understand. He is kind and a transparent explanation.
In the class was always laughing.
And I had many lovely friends.
I was looking forward to go to school every day!!
Not only the class but also did farewell party, went to picnic!
It was a mood that was returned to the children.
It is difficult to study English but I become to study English♡
Thank you so much!!


It was nice to meet Adam and Hiroko. If I went to the other school, I couldn’t enjoy my life in Australia like this. I.W.H.P is very homely.


Our school is fantastic, anyway. Adam who is boss he always talked friendly to me, “Heeey! Agent K?” However, I don’t know why he calls me like that. haha Kirstie who is my class teacher she always amuses us! When I asked her a phone number, “Kirstie! Can I have a your phone number?” “No!” “Why?!” “Just kidding.” It was really fun every day like this. So, I feel that I have improved with English more than that time when I came to here thanks to them. Anyway, I learned various things from them but that is difficult for me to explain even in Japanese. By the way, Hiroko is always very kind and helpful to me even now. haha Of course, Let’s keep in touch about fuckin bananas! Lol Just kidding:)
“No matter where we are in the world, we are your students.”
Hey you guys! You know what? Actually, I created this message to Adam’s farm. hehe