(English) Banana Farm Job Review

This is my impression that I worked in a banana farm of Darwin for half a year. Sponsored by IWHP. Check it out!



1. How was it.


– Oh my gosh! There was a lot of danger in my workplace. It’s like… going to die in 80 seconds if bitten by the western brown snake. One day, a snake climbed my hand when I caught the banana bunch! Well… I’m not sure if that snake was the western brown or not though. It freaked me out in any case. Of course, these were very good experience for me. So much fun. By the way, I want to put that experience to use in the future.


2. The reason I chose this job.
– Simply. Was excited when I heard about this job, anyway. That’s it.

3. About job and lifestyle.
– In my case, I usually got up at 6am every morning, and from 7am to 4pm was working hours. And I was assigned to the picking team.

I worked to carry a banana bunch for first 3 months. We carry about 150 bunches for a day per person, and these are more than 60kg on the average.


From the third month, I got the position to hunt the bananas with a hatchet. First of all, we check the banana size, quality, and condition. After then, we cut off the banana bunch to a picker’s shoulder from a tree. Because the banana grow up on the tree. A picker carries it to a truck. And we have to make a sharp sword early in the morning. To hunt.

4. About hardships.
– Yes, I had many problems physically while I was working in there. These in particular were really stress for me. As below, Thumbnail of both leg came off. I had a rough skin on my face by a lot of mosquitoes. I hurt my wrist due to swing a hatchet all day. The trees fell across each other when I cut the banana tree, and I hurt my back because these fall down to me by mistake. I had a splitting headache because of the high temperature and direct sunlight. It was always around 30 degrees in my workplace. Well, Something like that.


5. Wage.
– It was $21.09 per hour. I worked in full time job for 5-7days a week. Check it out my total wages on a picture. As below.

おそらくGross Wageがトータルで貰った金額、そこから年金など色々と差っ引かれて、
Net Paymentが実際もらった金額になるのかな。

6. Co-workers.
– I worked with international mates. Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Konger, Myanmarese, Australian, German, Dutchman, French, British. But, I had never seen a Japanese for 6 months in there. I mean, in Darwin. Never.



7. Days off.


– Well, I was just chilling out in a share house on the weekends. Like… cooking, listening to music, and I was into workouts in my free time. Sometimes, I hung out with my mates to drinking. Crazy drinking. And we occasionally went out to the pub. About 7km, must be walk though. Like this, The share house in the suburbs, so I have tried a hitchhike just once to go out to the city. Then, a local Australian dropped me off in the city but… It was just one way. I failed in a hitchhike to way back. So… Actually, I walked about 30km at night to go back to the house. Good memory.

From Keita, Japan

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