Before you fill in the form, Please prepare your

1. Valid passport if you already have one.
2. Profile, Work History in your different data or paper.
3. Photo of yourself, with your family, with your friends and with children.

It will take about 30 – 60 mins to finish this application form.
You can not save your process so please be careful.

*Name Family nameGiven Names
*Gender MaleFemale
*Date of Birth
Passport No
Telephone or Mobile phone
*Email Address
Please give us your Free mail such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail.
*Current Home Address
Currunt English Skill
*Your Current English Level Upper-IntermediateIntermediatePre-IntermediateElementary
If you are at Elementary level, you can communicate in a very basic way, mainly in the present and past simple.
If you are at Pre-intermediate level, you have a good basic ability to communicate and understand.You can talk about many subjects and give your opinion on them. You can talk with confidence in the present, past and future simple tenses.
If you are at Intermediate level, you understand and speak English with some confidence.
If you are at Upper-Intermediate level, you have an effective, but not perfect, use of English.
I.W.H.P Program Selection Criteria
*Course Start date(Expect for the weekends and Public Holiday)
*General English Course Length
Would you like to take any other program more than Demi Pair? Farm Job arrange $500Kindy Volunteer $500I don't need to take any of them
Demi Pair Program Selection Criteria
*When would you like to start your Demi Pair program?
*Length of stay with Demi Pair Family (At least 12 weeks)
If you know your flight details, please describe:
Not yet. Arrival Airport: Gold Coast AirportBrisbane Airport
Arrival Date: Time:
Please complete the information below:
*Have you worked as a Demi Pair / housekeeper or nanny? YesNo
*Have you had experience with house work or looking after children? YesNo
*Do you smoke? YesNo
*Do you like pets? YesNo
*Do you have any medical conditions or do you take any prescription medication on a regular basis (excluding the pill) YesNo
If yes, Please describe:
*Do you have any allergies? YesNo
If yes, Please describe:
*Do you have a driver's license? YesNo
*Are you going to drive a car in Australia? YesNoI don't know yet
*Your Interests and hobbies
*Your last education
*Your recent work
*Please introduce about yourself
Do you have anything you would like the family to know?
*Under the Demi Pair program you are agreeing to the following during your twelve week placement as a Demi pair. Please tick the boxes if you understand.
-Shall normally work the following days: Monday to Friday, weekends off. Weekend work must be presented and agreed by both parts in advanced for approval.
-Any PUBLIC HOLIDAY must be a day off for the Demi pair unless discussed and agreed by both parts(family and Demi pair) with enough notice to suit both sides.In case family needs extra hours or the weekend work, that can be offered to the Demi pair as an option. If it is not suitable to the demi pair, the demi pair has the right to chose to not do it.
Will maintain your room and bathroom to a high standard at all times or per families request.
Will maintain a high standard of manners and ensuring family house rules are maintained at all times.
*Below a list of some of the jobs you may have to endure whist being a Demi Pair. Please tick the boxes if you understand.
General cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping, clearing the dinner table and stacking the dish washer,Hanging out the washing, washing the laundry, helping the children get ready for school, packing school lunches, playing games with children, reading bedtime stories.
Please note that during your contract as an IWHP hold no responsibility for any damages, loss of items or if you are to injure yourself during your twelve week placement. We also except no responsibility if you are to harm or damage anything in your host families home. You are required to have travel and medical insurance and the correct Visa.
* I have read and accept all Demipair Refund policy and IWHP Refund policy hereby apply to enrol at I.W.H.P.
Coupon Code if you have.

*Please attach 3 photos of you with children, family and friends.(Maximum:2MB each)