Childcare volunteer program



It will be a great opportunity to work as a volunteer staff member at a Kindergarten in another country! You can work as a volunteer for a few hours a week  in the kindy by :

  • Assisting with dish washing and cleaning.
  • Assisting with morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea preparation.
  • Looking after the children and playing with them.
  • Introducing your culture and language and so on…..
When should I apply? 2 – 3 months before your departure.
What do I need?
  • Over 18 years old
  • Blue Card(Free)(Blue card screening to determine a person’s eligibility to work with children and young people based on their known past behaviour)
  • Love Children
  • Good communication with other people
  • Must have eligible visa(Working Holiday Visa or ETAS visa)
  • Overseas travel insurance
How long can I join? From 2 weeks to 12 weeks. (2 – 5 days, 3 – 6 hours a week)
How much is the program fee? $550
(Including apply Blue Card, Arrange with the kindy, first day visit with an IWHP staff, and any support when you need any help.)
How much is the English course fee? It depends how long you would like to study ($200 per week – $150 per week) ※At least 2 weeks
Where can I stay? We can provide you with Home stay, Demi Pair
What type of plan do you have? 【English Study at I.W.H.P + Kindy volunteer(Half day program)】
You can study English from 9:00 – 12:10 at I.W.H.P and then you can join the volunteer program from 13:30 – 17:00. Minimum from 2 weeks.

  • No time, You can’t take long holiday
  • Want to use time efficientry
  • Confident about English

【English Study at I.W.H.P + Kindy volunteer(One day program)】
After studying with I.W.H.P, you will join the volunteer program.
I.W.H.P 2weeks+Kindergarten volunteer 1 week
I.W.H.P 2weeks+Kindergarten volunteer 2weeks, etc.

  • People who can take long family
  • People who don’t have English confident.

Testimonial of Kindy Volunteer

mihoII never done Kindy job in Japan. When I was a student, I went to a Child care for training for few weeks but it was also long time ago. I was very nervouse because I had to use English this time. The reason why I joined kindy volunteer work was I wanted to know outside and inside of Australia Education, because I had a lot of chances to know Australian children through Homestay.  I was very narvouse on the first day, but when I opened the door of the kindy, the smile of the children were so cute! I played with them as if I am a child, too! Everything was new to me and it was fun!  I didn’t have any hard time but I was frustrated with my English to myself. Children are also learning their English so sometimes I didn’t understand what they talked to me.  It was my English problem as well but when something happened, I couldn’t do quick reaction. Another problem was it was hard to remember Children’s name.  Sometimes, I learned something from Children. Through this volunteer, I learned how to look after children, each character, how difficult we educate them.  I’ve often seen many fathers push the pram or drive and pick them up from the kidy. It was my precious time for me to lean a lot of things and new experience through this volunteer.
Miho I from Japan Demipair, Kindy Volunteer and 8 weeks study at I.W.H.P.

One day at kindy Sample Schedule
Time  Kindy Volunteer work
9:00 Kindy Start. Volunteer starts.
Play with kids at outside.
9:15 Kids are going to the room.
(Wash their hands)
Tea time
Put the toys away and go inside.
10:00 The morning roll call
Practice spelling → Playing (Drawing、Playing house etc)
During the morning roll call, cleaning their plates and cups and mopping the floor.
11:00 Putting away and reading time. Prepare for nap (Sweeping the floor and put the mats)
Lunch Time Prepare for lunch and clean up.
12:15 Nap time
13:00 Playing inside(Puzzle, toy etc) Play with them together.
Dancing time.
14:15 Afternoon tea time. Preparation for tea time and clean up.
15:00 Volunteer finish!

In return you will be able to receive some Australian work experience with staff and children plus basic assistance with language and service skills!!

  • The placement will be between 4 – 12 weeks period.
  • The students attend English courses 5 days a week and help them 2 – 5 days. (Depending on you and kindy’s schedule)
  • All students should have an Elementary to Intermediate level of English.
Please check yourself in the mirror before you are going to a kindy.
  • No big accessories
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes (No high heels or sandals and short pants or skirts)
  • Simple make-up
  • Be Smile!!
IWHP English Study for Adults on the Gold Coast