(English) Enjoy your working holiday time

We had a Pizza lunch on last friday for two of our short-term students, A chan and N san.
(We, Japanese put “Chan” and “San” after our name, this is for politeness and friendly.)

After lunch, we swam in the pool to enjoy the rest of the Summer ♡

Anyway!!! I just reminded one  important thing about Working Holiday that is we shouldn’t worry about our nationality, age and background.

For example, I THINK!!! it’s my opinion, especially Japanese people tend to think like,

“I am Japanese though…(that’s why I can’t blah blah)”

“I am older than everybody….(that’s why I can’t enjoy blah blah)”

“I had a good career in my country and everyone was proud of me.”

something like that.

But, I would like everyone to forget about your past life one time when you start your Working Holiday, DON’T be stuck in your situation you had , and enjoy yourself and try anything you would like to!!

Ayana came to our school while her university school holiday!

Mutsuko came to Australia for one week with her kids.
They went to the kindy for a week while she was studying English with us.She is such a bubbly girl She got along with everyone soon even if it was short time.

Thank you for studying with us and hope we can see you somewhere in the future!


Hello, Nice to meet you.
My name is Hiroko and I am a Student adviser at I.W.H.P.
I have been living in Australia for 8 years. I came here on a working holiday visa in 2009.
I love travelling but I have always dreamed about living in another country. I believe that Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that the culture, nature and character. I have always wondered what it looks like?
What I can learn?
What the differences between my country and other countries are?
Of course the purpose was studying English.
I’m still learning a lot of things so it never ends.
Learning another language is very useful and fun and I’ve been able to meet a lot of people because of my English.
No it is your time to change your life!!
I.W.H.P is always here for you to help living in Australia.