Dear Adam and Hiroko.

I enjoyed at school.
When I came to Australia, I couldn’t understand his lesson.
Because my English level was soooo bad.
Of course, I couldn’t speak, write, listen.
Perhaps, I thought that I couldn’t learn English …
So everyday I was worried.
Sometimes I confused, cried and I had an argument with him.
It’s all,I couldn’t tell my opinion by English for him.
So I studied English hard.
I was chagrined that he couldn’t understand my English.
Thanks to it, my English improved.
He taught English eagerly for such poor level as me.
Hiroko same too.
When I couldn’t understand lesson, after she explained for me.
And then sometimes I worried about things.
She gave me advice kindly.

Now I can communication with English speakers,because I studied English at I.W.H.P!!

Thank you Adam and Hiroko.
I am glad to meet you.
If I have a chance, I wanna study your English lesson again.

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